Character Animation   Digital Animation

3D character animation reel breakdown

Responsible for all animation. Hand keyed.


digital animation CG artist reel breakdown

Robot Chicken KFC special (TV show) - role: vfx/post/cleanup
Robot Chicken, Season 8 (TV show) - role: vfx/post/clean up
One More Shot (documentary Netflix show) - role: animator/shot director
Supermansion, Season 1 (TV show) - role: vfx/post/clean up
convoluted space graffiti (short film) - role: director and animator
Bratz (webseries) - role: vfx/post/cleanup
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (web UI) - role: modeler, animator
Connections Academy (educational) - animated using AE and Character Animator
Short Ride (animated short film) - role: modeler, rigger, animator
A Scenic View of the End of the World (art installation) - role: director and animator